Michael, 36

Michael is a senior animator at a major animation studio who recently divorced his wife of twelve years. He is naive in the ways of online dating, and generally optimistic about his future prospects. He has one fatal flaw: He trusts his friend and neighbor, Brad.

Season 1: At the spritely age of 35, Mike finds himself divorced and motivated to move to New York City. His friend Brad convinces him to waste no time in getting back into the dating world through dating apps. Mike’s first experience ends in disaster when he is catfished. He then endures a string women no-showing dates, which leads him to sending unrequited text messages to one of them. He almost reaches his breaking point when he meets Ines, a woman who will not leave his apartment after a sex-less sleepover. Finally, Ellen, the woman who had been ignoring his many texts, responds. The two hit it off, but news of a condition Ellen is experiencing scares Mike away.

Later, Mike prepares for invasive dental surgery. After learning that he will be having one of his front teeth removed, and that it can’t be replaced for a number of months, he strives to meet a woman before he is disfigured so that he can lock her down in anticipation of his recovery period. He meets Alisha, a friend and secret crush from childhood, who is newly single and appears to be an ideal candidate. But Alisha reconciles with her ex just days before the surgery, and Mike is left hoping that Brad will bail him out.

Season 2: Mike takes the advice of his older brother PJ in season 3 and decides that he isn’t ready to look for a committed relationship. He risks making things awkward at his favorite bar by pursuing a one-night-stand with a waitress there. He has an unexpected night with a woman who is only in from out of town for one weekend. And things get rather extreme when he invites a young stranger to his apartment in the middle of the night. He then grows frustrated with dating apps and puts his faith and energy into using a matchmaker. After a false start, she sets him up with Emma, an up-and-coming chef who is starting to find success. They have something of a whirlwind romance, but you know how whirlwind romances usually end up.

Appearances: Series Regular

Portrayed by: Mike Tanzillo

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