Mamadou, 35

Mamadou is a yellow cab driver in New York City. He moved to the city from Mali and has been driving for many years. He has a crush on a woman at his dispatch named Claire, but has recently learned that she is dating Jose, a young upstart driver known for his annoying habit of clipping his fingernails in public. 

Season 1: Mamadou drives Brad and Ava to Brad’s apartment, and is mildly put off by their light PDA in his cab.

Season 2: Mamadou is now a ride share driver, having left his yellow cab job behind. He picks up Brad & Mike, and drives them around the city, picking up Sam, Kayla, Olivia, & Syd as well as Cara & Paige along the way.

Appearances: Montclaire State; Three Waves

Portrayed by: Brandon Lamar

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