Luke, 46

Luke is a former colleague of Mike’s that Mike enjoyed spending time with during his married years. Luke is a warm, energetic man whose positivity illuminates any room he enters. Luke’s marriage fell apart around the same time as Mike’s, but for very different reasons. Luke’s wife was an actress working in a small, off-Broadway production of “Andraxton the Conqueror,” a tale of political intrigue set in a post-apocalyptic future. Her co-star was former Milli Vanilli singer, or rather, performer Fabrice Morvan. After months of rehearsals and daily performances, she broke the news to Luke that she had fallen in love with Fabrice and she would be dissolving the marriage. Luke, a proud man, did not take the news that his wife was leaving him for the one surviving member of Milli Vanili well. 

Season 1: Luke admits to Mike that dating apps are difficult for him because his status as a middle-aged man means that he is left out of younger women’s search criteria. He convinces Mike to join him at a sex party where a woman he is interested in will be in attendance.

Appearances: Luke’s Orgy

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