Gina, 31

Gina is a petite lawyer who has devoted herself to helping refugee families gain citizenship in the United States, does not date often. She is happy and confident with her life and finds great pleasure in her work. She does not require a husband or family to reach fulfillment. However, she recently discovered that her phone tracks the amount of steps she takes daily. After noticing one day that she had only taken 837 steps, roughly 8% of the daily recommended total, she took it as a sign she should get out more.

Season 1: Gina is the object of Mike’s desire on a double date with Brad and Marie, her coworker. She grills Mike about the claim that he is a civic-minded person who loves volunteering. Though she agrees to go on a date with him, she cancels citing a busy schedule due to work and family birthdays.

AppearancesFamily Birthdays

Portrayed by: Jennifer Crabill

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