Ellen, 27

Ellen, a transplant from suburban Los Angeles, has never been one to shy away from the unpredictable. At the age of 15 she embarked on a solo odyssey across the United States to meet Cormac McCarthy, her favorite author. She found herself disappointed to discover that his nihilistic reputation was overstated, and he spent most of their meeting waxing poetic about his new puppy.

Season 1: Ellen stands Mike up after planning a date with him. Mike spends the next few weeks texting Ellen as though they were engaging in a serious relationship, even though Ellen never responds. Eventually Ellen begins finding his commitment to the bit endearing and agrees to see him. Mike freaks out when Ellen tells him that she has herpes. When he tries to reconcile, Ellen blows him off, pretending her name is Brittany.

Appearances:¬†Brittany… My Name is Brittany

Portrayed by: Erica Cho

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