Bradley, 34

Brad is a former marketing coordinator, and a former boyfriend. In a short span of time he lost his job and his girlfriend. Luckily, he gained a neighbor in his friend Mike, who he is determined to turn into a dating machine. Brad’s attitude is generally pessimistic but forward-thinking. Think Paul Rudd in role models, but with less charm and more neurotic Jewish quirks.

Season 1: Brad teaches Mike about the nuances of dating apps. He uses manipulative pop-psychology tactics to get women to like him. He finds himself aggressively dating, but cannot find happiness because he is not over his ex. Things progress in that fashion until he tried to recapture the excitement of his twenties with a booty call that goes terribly wrong. Because of Brad’s hamburger blog, Burger One Time, his cousin Carter set him up with Kelly, a blogger who lives in Nashville but visits family in New York City often. Brad starts dating her long-distance. That ends about as well as most long-distance relationships do.

Season 2: Brad’s tactics and antics begin to come back to haunt him. He has an awkward run-in with a one-night-stand on the street. He comes to grips with his shortcomings while on a Skype date with a woman from the other side of the country. Then he pursues a woman who is only spending a few short months in New York City before returning to work in Asia. He is forced to take a conventional day job when he runs into financial issues. At work, he pursues a secret romance with Nicole, a younger coworker. But things begin to go south when Kelly re-emerges.

Appearances: Series Regular

Portrayed by: Brad Garoon

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