Amber, 30

Amber is a conventionally beautiful, red-haired woman who works in customer service for a successful online retailer. Sadly, she has grown tired for her career as an amateur therapist for bauble-buyers and dreams of a life of excitement and international travel with a well-to-do gentleman of her imagination’s making.

Season 1: Amber argues with Brad and Mike about whether or not women should reach for their purses when the bill comes on a date. She goes on a date with Kyle and becomes concerned about the amount of people who have called her spoiled in a single day.

Season 2: Amber admits to Mike & Brad that she’s been going through a long sexual dry-spell, and reveals some of her more interesting fetishes. She is introduced to Jeff, who might be able to help her get over Kyle.

Season 3: Amber and Jeff go on vacation in Miami at Jeff’s family’s vacation home. Things take a turn for the worse as Jeff turns out to be very different on vacation that he was in New York City.

Season 4: Amber meets an older man and goes on a few dates with him, despite not finding him particularly attractive. With him, she dabbles in a bit of drug-assisted sex play, but finds her new partner to be a bit too reliant on substances.

AppearancesPurse Flinch; Latex Catsuit; Island Avenue; Another Bike; Phone Sex

Portrayed by: Chelsea Alison

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