Amber, 30

Amber is a conventionally beautiful, red-haired woman who works in customer service for a successful online retailer. Sadly, she has grown tired for her career as an amateur therapist for bauble-buyers and dreams of a life of excitement and international travel with a well-to-do gentleman of her imagination’s making.

Season 1: Amber argues with Brad and Mike about whether or not women should reach for their purses when the bill comes on a date. She goes on a date with Kyle and becomes concerned about the amount of people who have called her spoiled in a single day. Later, Amber admits to Mike & Brad that she’s been going through a long sexual dry-spell, and reveals some of her more interesting fetishes. She is introduced to Jeff, who might be able to help her get over Kyle.

Season 2: Amber and Jeff go on vacation in Miami at Jeff’s family’s vacation home. Things take a turn for the worse as Jeff turns out to be very different on vacation that he was in New York City. When she returns, she meets an older man and goes on a few dates with him, despite not finding him particularly attractive. With him, she dabbles in a bit of drug-assisted sex play, but finds her new partner to be a bit too reliant on substances.

Season 3: Amber meets a hot Italian waiter in a Uber Pool, but is unable to exchange information with him. She goes on an Italian restaurant crawl and finds him. They date for a bit. Eventually, he cooks dinner for her, but the food causes her gastric distress and she bails on the date. She is unsure if she’ll hear from him again.

AppearancesPurse Flinch; Latex Catsuit; Island Avenue; Another Bike; Phone Sex; White Slice; Yoga Mama

Portrayed by: Chelsea Alison

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